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Brent Parker



My name is Brent Parker. I stumbled onto the sport of FootGolf in 2015 after seeing a Promo Video that a friend posted on social media. Growing up as a competitive golfer and soccer player from the ages of 4 and 5 respectively, I knew instantly this was the sport I wanted to pursue at the highest level. 


After about a month of practicing at Bent Creek Golf Course in Jacksonville Florida, I entered my first official AFGL Pro-Am tournament at the PGA Village, in Port St Lucie Florida. From that moment on, I was determined to be one the best in the sport. It took me some time to be a real contender on the AFGL and FIFG World Tour due to several debilitating injuries, but as I worked to get my body in the condition necessary to be competitive. In 2019, I began to make progress as a player and finished 5th Place Senior (3rd Place American) in the US Open, which qualified me to play in the First Battle of The Border in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, (AFGL vs Mexican Federation) as well as the Second Edition of the Jansen Cup in South Wales ("FootGolf's Ryder Cup" - Team USA vs Team U.K.). 


The highlight of my FootGolf career to date occurred during the the First Battle of the Border. I approached the 18th hole, all square in my match vs. Mexican top player, Agui Alves. After he made an amazing 4 Hole deficit comeback. Agui kicked his tee shot to the right of the hole in the par 3, #18.  Shortly thereafter I stepped up and ended the match with a hole-in-one!  I also had an ace in the following tournament on hole #7, in The Vallarta Open and a 3rd hole-in-one in competition play, in the Jansen Cup on hole #7! I am looking forward to the challenge of qualifying in 2021 as a Senior Player on Team USA for the next two years!


FootGolf has fulfilled my desire to compete athletically that I had missed since my college days, and on a level I never thought possible. One experience I'll never forget was when we were taken on a tour of the locker rooms that were used by the PGA TOUR players for the 2010 Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor in South Wales, UK, where we played the 2019 Jansen Cup. They had placed our names on lockers used by past PGA TOUR golfers, and my name was on the locker of none other than Tiger Woods, my favorite golfer of all time! Inside the locker was my shinning TEAM USA Jansen Cup jersey, with my name on the back. It was truly serial. It was at that moment I knew I was participating in something I never even dreamed of. It was history in the making as our thrilling sport would establish it's foundation in the wide world of sports. FootGolf has also exceeded my expectations, with the opportunity to gain friendships all across the globe. I'm thankful for people like Roberto and Laura Balestrini of the AFGL, and other League Owners and Officials of the FIFG, who have worked hard and for so long, to create this opportunity. It's truly been a God send for me! 


Thank you!


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Open 2019


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