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Updated: Sep 25, 2021

The American FootGolf League has named Walt Disney World® Golf Executive Alex Forsyth as a new AFGL Ambassador in advance of the iconic courses hosting next year’s U.S. FootGolf Open and the 3rd biannual Jansen Cup, featuring the U.S. vs. U.K.

“His passion, dedication and focus on growing our sport at the recreational level make Alex the ideal choice to serve as our national ambassador", said AFGL President Laura Balestrini.

Forsyth is an experienced golf facility operator who has successfully served in key leadership roles with several golf courses in the Central Florida golf community. With his origins in Scotland where he grew up playing their famed courses, he immigrated to Alabama to graduate college while playing for the for Jacksonville State University golf team.

He now serves as the Director of Sales and Marketing for Arnold Palmer Golf Management, located at the Walt Disney World® Resort, where FootGolf was introduced to the facility offerings three years ago.

“Alex has been tireless advocate for our sport of FootGolf, while working to introduce, establish, promote, and develop the facilities and relationships necessary to grow the popularity of our game within his community,” added AFGL Chairman Roberto Balestrini. “Given the millions of visitors each year to Central Florida, most notably South America and Europe, where soccer is by far the most popular sport, FootGolf has the potential to become wildly successful here at the resort where everyone is always looking to try a new fun, family activity,” added Forsyth. “I am extremely excited to be able to work alongside the Balestrini’s and share their passion for FootGolf.

Alex, his wife Zuly, and their family are avid amateur footgolfers!.

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