Florida's Sports Coast 200 AFGL Tour

Bring your Soccer Ball and Swimsuit to Saddlebrook Resort - Tampa! l

December 18 -19 l 3 Tournaments with AFGL-Reg-FIFG Ranking Points


These are the final events with valid ranking points of the Season 2021. Saturday December 18th 9:00am l AFGL + REGIONAL + FIFG 50 Registration: https://www.bluegolf.com/amateur/events/afgl2120/index.html

Saturday December 18th 1:00pm l AFGL + REGIONAL + FIFG 100

Registration: https://www.bluegolf.com/amateur/events/afgl2119/index.html Sunday December 19th 10:00am l AFGL + REGIONAL + FIFG 50 Registration: https://www.bluegolf.com/amateur/events/afgl2115/index.html

Rankings Individual Categories

Men: https://afgl.bluegolf.com/bluegolf/afgl21/poy/1men/index.htm

Seniors: https://afgl.bluegolf.com/bluegolf/afgl21/poy/2srmen/index.htm

Women: https://afgl.bluegolf.com/bluegolf/afgl21/poy/3women/index.htm

Saddlebrook Resort




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