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ORLANDO 2023 • Team USA is Ready!

U.S. National FootGolf Team for the 4th. FIFG FootGolf World Cup Announced

The American FootGolf League congratulates the AFGL Tour Players who will be representing United States and the American FootGolf Federation at the 4th FIFG FootGolf World Cup

We kindly ask all U.S. FootGolf enthusiasts to congratulate, support and sponsor them in any way you can as they will be competing for a week and a half with over 900 other players from around the world.

• Visit www.FootGolf.Team to see the US Players that will represent us in Orlando and save the page because you will be able to follow their scorecards real time while watching the action Live on your TV or mobile devices!


Nicole Adams Sara Allen Gisella Barragan Justine Daily Jordan Nichols Laura Parker Jo Reid Diane Robledo Leilani Tedeski


Geno Adair David Andler Luis Barragan Rudolf Blau Robert Cohmanschi Abdul Elkhoja Jason Flores Michael Gora Mark Herz Jeremy Johnson Darrin Karuzas Kostas Krokos Olindo Mare Brent Parker Daniel Romero Rob Sahm Alberto Schroth Darrell Souza Mark Woodward


Joshua Alt Jon Aron Kyle Aron Arturo Barragan Osvaldo Barragan Eneias Caetano Cesar Chavez Ghadier Elkhoja Antonio Forline Oswaldo Gallegos Justin Gardner Jordan Godfrey Frank Hernandez William Hittle Alex Hood Abdallah Jaber Billy Kessler Sharif Khatib Steve Liberto Nicholas Louca Sean Luigs Miguel Madrigal Richard Matteoli

Vincent Matteoli

Sean McNamara

Sebastian Moorefield

Alejandro Nuno

Alex Rasmussen

Talfik Rayyan

Matt Reed

Angel Reyes

Lizandro Salazar

Fernando Sattori

Luca Shelesky

Matthew Shuebrook

Nathan Shuey

Jorge Uriona

Jorge Vazquez

Nick Wallace

Bart Wojtyla

Julio Yepez

Kevin Zhang

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