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From the U.S. Players Committee

About the Players Pool and More…


Dear AFGL Tour Players, The members of the players committee for the U.S. National FootGolf Team (Team USA) have been working diligently over the last several months to finalize the details of a "Players Pool" used to identify the top footgolfers on the AFGL Tour who are ready to compete for Team USA (FIFG FootGolf World Cup, FIFG World Champions Trophy and Jansen Cup), and for AFGL All Star Team (Battle of the Border and Pacific Trophy), and in other international competitions or promotional events.

The goal of our committee is to honor the spots earned by players for the canceled Japan World Cup and include them automatically in the players pool, while simultaneously building towards the 4th FIFG FootGolf World Cup that will take place between the end of May and first week of June 2023 in Orlando, Florida. In addition, the management committee's function is to create a culture of excellence within the Team USA FootGolf team that breeds respect, honor, and success.

The U.S. FootGolf Players Committee will be responsible for selecting players for the pool based on several criteria and the qualification of players will continue for the individual rounds through winning certain tournaments and through ranking in the AFGL Tour and North American Regional Tour.

In recommending athletes to be members of the Team, the committee will consider observation, video analysis, and statistics of both objective and subjective nature, pertaining to technical ability, tactical decisions, physical and psychological capabilities, and other considerations.

  • Performance: technical, tactical, physical, and psychological.

  • Other considerations: potential to perform under pressure and contributions on/off the field in the areas of: teamwork, enthusiasm, versatility, maturity, leadership, competitive spirit, availability, communication, cooperation within the Team, and integrity.

  • The U.S. FootGolf Players Committee will oversee the selection process.

  • Together, the U.S. FootGolf Players Committee and the Board of directors of the American FootGolf Federation will make the final approval for players' spots in all competitions.

The U.S. FootGolf Players Committee and the American FootGolf Federation recognizes the great sacrifice that players make to compete in FootGolf tournaments during the sport's infancy. We acknowledge that the sport has not developed a sustainable economic reward for playing and winning on tour. Despite this shortcoming, we are working tirelessly to build the game and provide American tour players with a fun and competitive environment to compete and develop their FootGolf resumes. Our goals are the same as yours; we want to see FootGolf on television and in the main media, we want sponsorship dollars and large cash purses at tournaments. We all want the same!

To realize this dream, we need to attract and develop talent from throughout the country who can come together to represent our national team and help build the profile of Team USA and the sport of FootGolf. We are much stronger working as one, and that motto will be our guiding force.

We will host an online conference to answer as many of your questions as possible in the coming weeks. Still, please feel free to contact any member of the U.S. FootGolf Players Committee if you have any immediate needs or concerns.

Thank you,

¡Olé, FootGolf!

Nick Wallace l Captain, Team Player. Sean McNamara l Vice-Captain, Team Player. Sep Dadsetan l Team Manager, Administration. Alex Rasmussen l Team Manager, Logistics. On behalf of, U.S. FootGolf Players Committee and AFGF Board of Directors