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About the American FootGolf League

Founded in 2011, the American FootGolf League manages the Major League of the Sport of FootGolf (AFGL Tour) and the Amateur FootGolf Tour (USFootGolf Tour) in the United States. The American FootGolf Federation (AFGF) is the Non Profit branch and Governing Body for the sport of FootGolf in the U.S. and exclusive American member under the umbrella of the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG)


The AFGL represented the United States at the first FootGolf World Cup in the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary in June 2012, won the Gold Medal in National Teams Category at the FIFG World Cup 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and received the Bronze Medal at the FIFG World Cup 2018 in Marrakesh. Morocco. The AFGF hosted the 4th FIFG FootGolf World Cup in Orlando, FL., in 2023.


The founders of the AFGL helped to launch the FIFG and co-founded the other two Member Countries of the Federation for International FootGolf in North America: the Federacion Mexicana de FootGolf, and the FootGolf Association of Canada.


The AFGL organizes or sanctions all tournaments of the American FootGolf Federation.



" Reminds me of when snow skiing was hitting the skids about a decade or so ago, and then someone invented snowboarding. Now the mountain has two revenue streams... If FootGolf catches on and golf courses could have a dual income stream, it would make great sense. "

Mark Oldham, President Uniguest

December 12, 2011



The American FootGolf League and the American FootGolf Federation created  the necessary structure to facilitate and promote the sport of FootGolf in the U.S.


Today the AFGL is the Major League of FootGolf  and home of all official and sanctioned FootGolf competitions in the country.

The First promotional video in the U.S.

November 2011


The Major League of FootGolf in the United States

The American FootGolf League is the Major League of FootGolf in the United States and the American FootGolf Federation is the most successful instrument to bring the sport to golf courses across America by guiding owners and operators on installing and promoting FootGolf as a new activity. Since 2011 the AFGL and the AFGF  set the standards for course design, layout and yardage for Pars.  As Founder of the sport of FootGolf in the US, under the American FootGolf Federation (AFGF) and Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG), the AFGL ensures courses that meet or exceed the standards of play around the world. We give courses the resources to develop, market and grow FootGolf with confidence. We give players quality courses to play on taking player development to the next level. The AFGL promotes the true spirit of the game of FootGolf under the rules and guidelines of the AFGF and FIFG. It acts in the best interests of the game for the continued enjoyment of those who love and play it.

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