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November 5 - 8

AFGL First Division Clubs

2020 National Championship

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Nov 8

Winners Semifinals


Nov 7

Top 3 Quarter Finals Winners plus Club Champion 2019


Based on Top 4 Ranked Players

Nov 6


Winners Group of Eight

Nov 5


* AFGL Ranking

#1 Ranked vs. #8, etc.

* Semi Finals

Top 4 Players of each Club after Nov 7th, Round

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AFGL Tour 2020


Ranking for FootGolf Clubs 

The Club Ranking will run separate from the other rankings. It will take the top 3 ranked players from the Men category, the top 1 player from Senior category and the top 1 player from Women category to comprise the AFGL Club Ranking. Club ranking will be calculated from Men, Senior and Women players.  Points will be awarded accordingly. 

Only FootGolf clubs in the First Division of the American FootGolf League will be able to be ranked. Points as of November 1, 2020 will be used to determine the top clubs for pairings at the National Championship.

Players in all categories (Men-Seniors-Women) can represent their clubs at "The Nationals" from the same tees.

Championship Format

Friday, Nov 6th


Saturday, Nov 7th


Sunday, Nov 8t







2020 Club Championship  l  Competition Format 


All the AFGL First Division FootGolf Clubs will need to have a minimum of 5 players per round. We highly recommend a minimum of 6 players, but no more than 9 players to be able to compete in the 2020 season. We are replicating last year’s club championship, with some extra’s things that should make it more interesting for all the clubs. However due to Covid-19 we must make some allowances in minimum number of players for the 2020 season. Below is the format in which we will be running. The maximum meaning 3 other club players as substitutions/caddies, *see Substitution rules below. Each club must be able to fill each spot with a different club member. No over lapping players from one competition to another will be allowed. If a club is not able to field all spots they will forfeit a leg of the competition of their choosing. 


Substitution Rules 


Clubs with larger player pool will be allowed 3 additional players to act as substitutions/caddies for certain competitions stated below. Subs/caddies will fall under the player’s rules and not caddies rules. 


· Subs/caddies must be wearing their caddie vest when not playing; failure to do so results in club losing the hole. 

· All subs/caddies must be a part of their club 2 week prior to the 2020 Club National Championship. 

· Subs/caddies can only be subbed in before a hole is played and not during the playing of a hole. 

· Subs/caddies may only be subbed in and out for the competition they are part of, subs will not be allowed to be pulled out of competition unless it’s due to injury, at which point that club will lose the ability to sub for that particular round. 

· Subs/caddies will be allowed 18 substitutions per match. 

· Those clubs advancing onto the next round will be allowed to make adjustments on their subs/caddies for the following day’s competition. 


Scoring for ALL competitions below will be based on +1 point per hole; clubs with the lowest score of said hole will be considered winning the hole, and will be awarded the +1 point. Clubs losing the hole will not be awarded any points for that hole. Ties will result in no points awarded to either club. 


Tie Breakers will not be done per match. They will be done over the entire competition. If the two clubs competing come to actual tie over the four separate competitions then penalty putts will decide which club advances. 


Penalty putts will work in the spirit of team competition. Each club will field 5 of their clubs players to partake in the penalty putting, one penalty putt per player. If a club has less than five members they will field what they can, however they will forfeit the spots not filled. Simply put if you only field 4 

players you only get four shots not five. If a tie persists after 5 penalty putts, each club will field 1 player and will be determined by closest to the hole. 




Best Ball 2 players from each club (also known as fourball in the Ryder Cup) this involves 2-person teams. Each player will play their own ball. After each hole the player with lowest score on the hole (or Best Ball) out of the 2 person team serves as the teams score. 


Alternate Shot 2 players from each club will be next; clubs will field 2 players from their clubs. The players will take turns kicking the ball until the hole is finished. Alt shot will work like this with subs. Players must alternate their teeing shots. The same player is not allowed to tee off on 2 consecutive holes. However you are more than allowed to sub in a player and they are allowed to take the tee off shot. Then you can sub back in on the next hole and that sub would be able to tee off. In this format one player could never actually have to tee off. Clubs will really need to think about their subbing and their teeing rotation for this style format.


Match play plus substitution 1 player from each club, just as it states head to head point match. However clubs will be allowed substitution under the substitution rules. 


Matches play no substitution 1 player from each club just as it states head to head point match. 


How a club will be eliminated after the first round of play (Quarterfinals). We have 9 First Divisions Clubs. West Coast FGC being last year’s champions they will be exempt from the first round. For the second round we will take the top 4 scores from round 1 and round 2, from the remaining 4 clubs, men or senior category, but it’s the best scores period. The club coming in 4th place will be eliminated, and third place will play West Coast, the other remaining two clubs will play each other. 


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