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A Foreword from AFGL Tour

The Player Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines for AFGL Tour and amateur footgolfers to follow throughout the American FootGolf League tournament season and into the future.



This Player Code of Conduct is an official guideline for all AFGL Tour players to follow. Please bear in mind when a player enters the property of a sanctioned AFGL tournament you will be held to the following standards on and off the course. Our mission is to grow the game and build a strong institution grounded in integrity and ethical conduct. The staff of the AFGL sanctioned golf courses and the AFGL itself strive to make each tournament a memorable experience for every player. As our sport grows so does the attention we receive. With our goals in mind, this organization can only run at a top level if we all participate in its success. 


“The true test of one’s character is not what you do when someone is watching, but what you do when you think no one is watching.”

Coach John Wooden


PLAYER CODE OF CONDUCT: The AFGL values our respected reputation. We expect all players to display extraordinary effort, attitude, and sportsmanship, on and off the course while participating in AFGL sanctioned events. We require ethical behavior before, during and following each and every tournament.


ATTIRE: Proper attire must be worn at all times during competition as detailed below. The first violation will result in a verbal warning and the second violation will result in disqualification from the current event. Repeat offenders may be disqualified from future events. Proper attire for the AFGL events is as follows:


  • Collared shirts are required;

  • Girls may wear sleeveless shirts so long as the shirts have a collar;

  • Shorts and pants must have belt loops. No jeans, cut offs, workout shorts, basketball shorts, swimwear shorts or shorts with a drawstring will be permitted; 

  • Skirts, Skorts (shorts that look like a skirt) and proper kilts are allowed. Belt loops are optional for these particular items of clothing. No drawstrings will be permitted;

  • If a hat is worn, it must be worn forward-facing;

  • No bare midriffs at any time;

  • There shall be no logos of another professional or amateur sport or team on any attire used during the tournament, including practice rounds. Only AFGL or FIFG Member Country logos may be worn during practice or tournament play.

  • Sponsorship logos:  Company logos of sponsors are permitted as long as they do not compete with the AFGL or FIFG. 


ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, DRUGS: Use of alcohol, tobacco (outside of designated areas), or drugs, before or during any tournament will not be tolerated and will be considered a violation of the AFGL’s Player Code of Conduct. This violation will result in automatic disqualification and/or suspension from future events. 


TOBACCO / VAPE USE: Use of tobacco and/or vaping products are allowed in designated areas only and are strictly forbidden on any FootGolf course, in practice areas, pre-tournament announcement areas, check-in areas, and at awards ceremonies. The first offense will result in a verbal warning, the second offense in a +2 stroke penalty, and the third in disqualification. These warnings apply to the entire season and not just per tournament.


DOPING AND DRUG USE: There is a zero tolerance policy for drug use on the golf course. If a player is suspected of doing drugs or doping, the AFGL tour director may require the player(s) in question to take a drug test, at the players expense. The player will have 72 hours in which to submit the results of the test to the AFGL tour director at The failure to do so will result in the player(s) removal from ALL AFGL tournaments for one full calendar year from the date the offense occurred.


ALCOHOL USE - POST AFGL EVENT: If the AFGL sanctioned course sells alcohol and you have “finished” with your FootGolf round, you may purchase and imbibe alcohol. If you have started consuming alcohol and you have a playoff match, you will NOT be allowed to play in the playoff match, as this will put you in direct violation of the Player Code of Conduct. If a player uses alcohol after the tournament and becomes belligerent while still at the AFGL sanctioned event or course, they will be subject to disqualification from that tournament and their points and position will be forfeited for that tournament. Depending on the severity of the offense you may forfeit your position on the AFGL Team, Team USA and be removed from the tournament year.


ETIQUETTE/ON-COURSE BEHAVIOR: Serious breaches of etiquette can result in disqualification and/or suspension from future events. Violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Loud, abusive, obscene and vulgar language;

  • Public urination;

  • Physical abuse, threat of physical abuse, verbal abuse, slander or libel of: other players, spectators, sponsors, host golf course staff or members, AFGL staff or volunteers;

  • Disrespect towards volunteers, course officials, industry professionals, staff and other competitors;

  • Throwing of any items or the violent and erratic swinging of arms, legs or body;

  • Mistreatment and/or vandalism of any AFGL sanctioned golf course;

  • Cheating.


ETIQUETTE/OFF-COURSE BEHAVIOR: Serious breaches of off-course etiquette can result in disqualification and/or suspension from future events. Violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Social media post(s) slandering any AFGL sanctioned course, the AFGL, its sponsors or volunteers; and  

  • Vandalism or mistreatment of any hotel or AFGL sanctioned host facility after any event.


CHEATING: Players are expected to abide by the AFGL/FIFG rules of fair and honest competition. Players are expected to hold others in their group or team to the same standards. The Rules of fair and honest competition are as follows:

  • Be honest about your score and the score of the player(s); and

  • Make sure you confirm each player(s) score at the conclusion of each hole. If there is any disagreement, retrace the player(s) shots prior to beginning the next hole. 




  • The Committee may disqualify a player for serious misconduct for acting contrary to the spirit of the game. In determining whether disqualification is appropriate the AFGL will consider whether the player's action(s) were intentional and whether the act was significant enough to warrant disqualification without first giving a warning and/or applying other penalties.

  • Any FootGolf tour players or amateur(s), before, during, or after the competition of an AFGL sanctioned event, whether competing or not, who violates any rules, ethics, or the Code of Conduct of the AFGL, or displays conduct in a manner likely, in the opinion of the Committee*, to injure or discredit the reputation of the AFGL/FIFG, will be subject to disciplinary action by the Committee* and may be required to appear before said Committee* via video conference for further determination.


REPORTING MISCONDUCT: If any player observes, in good faith, any violation or potential violation of this Player Code of Conduct, please report it to the Tournament Director. All reports of misconduct will be confidential, to the extent legally practicable.


NON-RETALIATION: The AFGL does not tolerate any form of retaliation against individuals who report violations of this Player Code of Conduct.



*Committee members


Laura Balestrini  · AFGL President

Roberto Balestrini · AFGL Chairman

Sean McNamara · FIFG Rules Committee

Bart Wojtyla • FIFG Players Committee

Jon Aron · FIFG Competitions Committee

Jo Reid · FIFG Women Committee


Final decision to be made and announced to the player by Tour Director Laura Balestrini. There is no appeal process and the player will respect the decisions made by the Committee and Tour Director.


This Player Code of Conduct has been issued and approved by the Committee on January 1st, 2023 and remains in effect today. 

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