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The AFGL TOUR is the top classification for the sport of FootGolf in the United States.  All members of the U.S. National FootGolf Team (Team USA) must have the AFGL TOUR license.


The tournaments on this tour are played by AFGL TOUR licensed players exclusively, on AFGL Certified Courses, and under the umbrellas of the American FootGolf Federation, North American FootGolf Confederation  and Federation for International FootGolf.

For more information visit all the pages related to the tour in this website,  contact us by telephone at  +1 (760) 501-0100 Ext. 106, or by email at | Thank you!


The AFGL Tour is comprised of all ranking-point tournaments managed by the AFGL.

The North American Tour will be played in Mexico, Canada, Honduras and United States. It is comprised of all ranking-point tournaments managed by the FIFG Members Countries.

The World Tour is comprised of all ranking-point tournaments managed by the FIFG.

The Tours have been designed for FIFG Member Countries and Affiliated Players and are played on Accredited FootGolf Courses that have been reviewed to be a part of the competitions. 


Ranking points for ALL TOURS under the FIFG umbrella start from zero on Jan 1st.



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Every competitive sport has a ranking system that enables players and fans to know, "Who is the best?", after all, the idea of competition is to establish an order based on ability and results.  The AFGL Tour is the Pro FootGolf League in the U.S., it has 6 separate rankings with the same number of points in each category:

Men 18 and over, Senior Men 46 and older, Senior Men Plus 56 and older, Women 18 and older , Women 46 and older and FootGolf Clubs in the AFGL First DivisionJuniors under 18 years old can participate in the Men 18-45, or Women 18-45 categories with an exemption Ranking Points are valid for the AFGL Tour, FIFG North American Tour, and FIFG World Tour.

Tournament Value

There will be:

- Tournaments with points for the AFGL Tour 2023. 

- Tournaments with points for the North American Tour 2022.

- Tournaments with points for the FIFG World Tour 2023.


- The AFGL was created for players living in the United States (permanently or temporarily) and registered as AFGL Tour Players for the current Season. All players must hold a FIFG World Tour license which is included in your AFGL Membership.

and Awards

The AFGL Tour will have no minimum cash purses paid by the AFGL but may have cash purses paid by tour organizers or sponsors in some competitions.*


If the same tournament is also a FIFG World Tour stop , the FIFG purse established under the FIFG World Tour guidelines will be paid pursuant to FIFG terms.

* Organizers may offer additional/separate prizes and awards.

To play the AFGL Tour and to receive Ranking Points, players must be a member of the AFGL or another FIFG Member Country and have their World Tour license.

Foreign or Non-Resident players affiliated to FIFG Member Countries are eligible to compete in the AFGL Tour 2022 for FIFG World Tour points and Cash Purse.


Foreign or Non-Resident players are not eligible for any US national title in any category or to represent Team USA.

of the Game

The AFGL Tour, the U.S. FootGolf Tour, the State Games of America, The Seniors Games and the North American Tour are played under the rules and guidelines of the FIFG. 


All #FootGolf competitions in the United States will follow the FIFG Rulebook. Local and/or Tournament Rules may apply.

and Conduct Code

Strictly enforced in the AFGL Tour and North American Tour. 

Failing to follow the Dress Code may result in disqualification.

See Player Dress Code

Code of 

The Player Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines for FootGolf players to follow throughout the American FootGolf League tournament season.

Failing to follow the Player Code of Conduct may result in disqualification.

Read Code of Conduct




Ref. * - If 8 players finish the tournament.


Players must have their registration paid before the start date of the tournament to obtain points in the competition.


For any tournament on the AFGL Tour to allocate full points to participating players it must have a minimum of 16 players completing the competition.


For a tournament that meets full point allocation requirements, the AFGL Tour Players will receive Ranking Points valid for the AFGL Tour 2023.


The AFGL Tour 2023 will not mimic the FIFG World Tour. Points, format, and guidelines may look similar, but are separate from FIFG World Tour.


Additionally, tournaments may have the same points for the FIFG World Tour 2023, but tournament rules and guidelines may differ.


AFGL Ranking Points from where international players compete: the best AFGL affiliated player will receive the top points regardless of his/her position in the tournament and so on.


United States
FootGolf National Team


The U.S. National FootGolf Team (Team USA) is managed by the American FootGolf Federation (AFGF). The AFGF will invite AFGL Tour Players to join Team USA.


The AFGF has no direct responsibility for the World Cup spots granted by the FIFG for individual categories. Once FIFG announces their direct spots granted to the United States, the AFGF will invite them to a Players Pool (PP) to evaluate them for the Team Category.  Joining the Players Pool does not guarantee any players participation in the Team Category or in any AFGF event.

Players must have an active AFGL Tour license to play in any event representing the AFGF or AFGL. Player's participation is voluntarily and at their own expense. The AFGF/AFGL reserves the right of admission at any time or any reason. 


All tournaments will have a registration deadline as posted in the tournament registration. There may be a late fee applied for late registration as posted and cancelation fees may apply if the player cancels the registration. A cut-off date for canceling your registration is assigned to each tournament, please review this information carefully for the tournament you are registering for. See individual tournament information and be familiar with the cancelation and late registration dates and fees.

There will be many FootGolf events as the sport continues to grow, but there is only one AFGL Tour.

If you currently live in the United States, you can register to become an AFGL TOUR PLAYER and compete in the major  league of FootGolf in the U.S. for ranking points.


All Categories are specified on this page.


Valid until December 31st, 2023.


The AFGL reserves the right of admission and can deny, revoke, or cancel the affiliation/membership of any player who has been found to commit a serious violation of the Player Code of Conduct or has shown previous derogatory actions against the AFGL, it's members, or sponsors.

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All positions will be awarded 92% of the points received by the preceding position. Ties of the first 3 positions will be broken by a playoff.

AFGL Tour 2022 will consist of 17 Stops around the country for total available points of 3,450*  

*Subject to change if additional tournaments are added or cancelled.


AFGL Tour Ranking points for each player will be calculated as the sum of the best scores from the following AFGL Tour 2022 tournaments:

6  AFGL-100

3  AFGL-250

3  AFGL-500

1  AFGL-1500

Total Points: 4,350

Screen Shot 2021-12-04 at 7.11.32 PM.png

The Clubs ranking will run separate from the other rankings. It will take the top 4 ranked players from the Men category, the top 2 player from Senior category and the top 1 player from Women category to comprise the AFGL Club Ranking. Club ranking will be calculated from Men, Senior and Women players.  Points will be awarded accordingly. 


Only FootGolf Clubs in the First Division of the American FootGolf League will be able to be ranked. 

Players in all categories can represent their clubs at "The Nationals" from the same tees. See more HERE

Atlantic United FootGolf Club
Toronto Footgolf Club LR logo.png

The AFGL Tour Organizers are entities, clubs, or representatives licensed by the AFGL to organize tour competitions and recreational events in coordination with the AFGL for the 2023 season.


For AFGL-100 tournaments, these organizers can also compete in the tournament as long as they establish a tournament committee with other players and submit that list to the AFGL at before the start of the event.

Screenshot 2023-01-14 at 3.13.19 AM.png

(FIFG Rulebook 4-2-2 Using a Tee)

A Tee can only be used on the teeing ground. Any player using a tee from any other point on the course will be disqualified. A player can choose whether to use one or not. If a ball falls from the tee or is removed from it by the player when preparing the shot, it may be replaced again without any penalties, Nevertheless, if the shot is executed while the ball is moving or not, the shot is valid, regardless of where the ball has landed. The tee must be an FIFG approved tee or an AFGL approved tee.


On the AFGL Tour 2023, any tee in accordance with FIFG dimensions and that is AFGL approved for sanctioned equipment may be used as long as it has been reviewed and approved by the tournament director and/or committee.


The American FootGolf League reserves the right of admission and may refuse any player's participation at any time for any reason.


Each tournament will have it's own registration and cancellation fees/policies. Please review the information for each tournament accordingly to know what the policy is for that tournament. 


Players from different categories may not play from the same tee boxes.

Men 18-45: Male players who were born between 1978-2005.

Senior 46+: Male players who were born in 1977 or earlier.

Senior 56+: Male players who were born in 1967 or earlier.

Women: All Women players.

Women 46+: Male players who were born in 1977 or earlier.

Juniors -17: All players who were born in 2006 or after. FIFG WT exemption needed.

FootGolf Clubs: AFGL First Division Clubs.


Not reaching the minimum amount of players.


There will be NO POINTS awarded if the tournament does not reach the minimum number of AFGL Tour players. Scoresheets will be presented to the AFGL as one of the ways to verify participation.

Each category will have their own points.


E.g. If a Woman or a Senior compete in an AFGL-100 tournament and finish in the 11th position overall, but he or she is the 1st in his or her category, this player will receive 100 points for the first position in their category.


In the case of a tie for 1st place, there must be a playoff between all tied players to determine the tournament champion (this applies to each category). The election of the hole(s) to be played is subject to the organizer’s (course) criteria.

For AFGL-500 and AFGL-250 tournaments, the playoff competition will be up to 3 holes (the election of the 3 holes to be played is subject to the organizer’s criteria). If the tie continues after the 1-3 hole(s), there will be a “blind approach” and the player who places the ball closest to the hole is the winner.


For AFGL-100, tournaments, the playoff will be decided after 1 hole. If the tie continues after the playoff, there will be a “blind approach” and the player that places the ball closest to the hole is the winner.


This system will apply only to define the Champion of each tournament.


For 3rd place and following positions, tied players will get the same points, based on the 92% rule. If, for any reason (ex, climate conditions, lack of sunlight, safety, etc.) the organizer and marshals understand the playoff system can not take place, the 1st position will be decided by the last 18 holes for a 36 - 54 hole or more tournaments, or by the back 9 for 18-hole tournaments. If still tied, the front 9 holes will count and then last 6 holes and then last 3 holes; if still tied, there is a draw.


Caddies will be allowed with approval from the AFGL Tournament Committee.

Caddies must be registered in BlueGolf and will pay a caddie fee per tournament.

This fee is based on the cost charged by the course for extra people in carts or walking the course and items included in the regular registration few such as lunches.

All caddies will be required to have an AFGL caddie bib. Bibs will be available through the AFGL store.

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