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Updated: Aug 16, 2022

GOLF COURSES affiliated to the AFGL can receive a FREE Teqball Table upon request.



The AFGL is excited to announce a unique cooperation between American FootGolf League, Inc. with the International Teqball Federeation and USA Teqball Federation.

Teqball is a ball sport that is played on a curved table, combining elements of football and table tennis. Back and forth, the players hit a football with any part of the body except arms and hands. Teqball can be played between two players as a singles game, or between four players as a doubles game.



The AFGL leadership thinks this is a great way for FootGolf players to warm up for their round of FootGolf and it gives AFGL MEMBER COURSES another opportunity to expose their guests to yet another great sport.

All Golf Courses affiliated to the AFGL who are promoting the sport of FootGolf are pre-approved to receive a Teqball table priced in thousands of dollars. Please note that tables are donated by the USA Teqball Federation only if a golf course has an active affiliation to the AFGL. Shipping is included and AFGL Member Courses are not required to cover any costs.


CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BROCHURE | If you are a golf course owner or operator, please contact us at | 760-501-0100 Ext. 104 to receive more information and coordinate the shipping of the table right away.





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