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FootGolf Lands on ChukkerTV App

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

ChukkerTV was the first to market with 4K Streaming of live sports. Even now, CTV is only one of a handful of production companies capable of delivering 4K streaming quality. Not only CTV delivers the highest level of production to their viewers, but they have the in-house infrastructure to send a signal to television networks all over the world. CTV doesn't just use the latest technology, they create it!



Kissimmee, Florida | August 4th, 2022.

The power and elegance of the Sports of Polo, Skiing and FootGolf on all your devices!

Background. I moved with my wife Laura to Palm Springs, California from the Temecula Wine Country in early 2011. We both were in the hospitality business at the time, traveling across the country and coming back home to the amazing Coachella Valley, surrounded by more than one hundred golf courses. Laura was more familiar with golf, as her father and her two brothers are hard-core golfers and my background is definitely football-soccer... Well, not because I am a "former professional soccer player" or anything like that, but because I watch a lot of soccer on TV, you know... (imagine a slow and silent wink).

On TV. The first time I saw the concept of the game of FootGolf was on TV, in mid 2011. The show "Esto es FootGolf" aired by TyC Sports was on Channel 427 in Direct TV and it blew my mind! A person that I met in 2008 in San Diego, CA., the legendary sports journalist Pablo Gonzalez was interviewing the all time most famous Boca Juniors striker Martin Palermo while kicking a soccer ball into big cups installed on the fairways of a golf course outside Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I immediately jumped from my seat and called my wife, we watched the show several times together - totally fascinated with the concept of this new game. What an incredible concept! The number one elite sport in the world, golf and the most popular sport in the world, soccer combined? THAT, was and still sounds wonderfully unreal to us!

We also knew Mariano Lopez, the producer of the TV talk show "This is FootGolf", he told us about this new game and introduced us to his business partner Javier de Ancizar, president of the Argentinian FootGolf Association. Then we met Maurits van Tubergen from Holland, Gabor Gelencser from Hungary, and for those who know us, the rest is history.


Online. The first time I saw the concept of a FootGolf tournament was on my phone, while searching for the words "foot-golf", "foot golf", "footgolf", "futgolf", "feet golf", "soccer golf" and many other combination of letters on YouTube. I found Michael Jansen's video and now my heart raised it's beats to a supersonic speed. I was "in love" with everything about FootGolf! Soccer balls rolling on immaculate fairways, players dressed like old style golfers, tents arranged in a similar way as golf or polo tournaments, music, champagne, competitors and spectators having fun in a beautiful setting.


On the App. A few months ago, Michael Ferreira, the executive producer of ChukkerTV discovered FootGolf. His company specializes in the production and broadcast for the elite sports of Polo and Skiing. American FootGolf League, Inc. formalized a partnership with them and FootGolf will be available on the ChukkerTV App for years to come.

On the schedule we have The FootGolf Desert Storm 2022, The Nationals 2022, The Final Shootout for WC 2023 , The FIFG FootGolf World Cup Orlando 2023, to be broadcasted to 40 countries, and the coverage of the full AFGL Tour 2023 on a major television network, along with the launch of the AFGLTV Studios near West Palm Beach, Florida in 2023.

Do you want to stay tuned in to these events? You might or you might not or are undecided, but in the meantime you can watch their production for Fox Spots and imagine the coverage of Orlando 2023. Check on the ChukkerTV App and enjoy "The Best Game Ever Invented" at your own convenience!

¡Olé, FootGolf!

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