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The USFGT Event Sanctioning Agreement covers all USFGT Tour C-Level tournaments as well as USFGT League events for the 2024 season only!

If you had previously submitted a sanctioning agreement and wish to submit changes to your event information, do not submit a new sanctioning agreement. Please contact the USFGT Event Support Team and we'll be happy to make the changes for you.

The following requirements must be met before an event can be sanctioned: 

  • All event directors must be current members and certified officials through the end of the event.

  • Any outstanding payments due for completed events must be paid in full before submitting a sanctioning agreement for a new event.

Event Name & Location

Classification *

Events are classified according to the type of player divisions (Pro/Am, or Amateur only) allowed in the event.

Select an option

Event Dates

Scoring Format *

Select the scoring format for this event.

Select an option

Event Notes

Please list any event notes or special conditions here and include any pertinent information that is not otherwise specified in this form. If you are seeking approval for any rules deviations or if this is an experimental format please provide as much detail as possible.

Event Contact Information

Please list the official public contact information for the event below. This information, along with other tournament information, will be considered “of record” by the USFGT and will be used for event listings on the USFGT website and other USFGT media outlets.

Event Director

Assistant Event Director

Proof of Insurance

Please check with all event facilities, cities, parks, etc. for any insurance requirements. If your sanctioned event requires a certificate of insurance there will be an additional non-refundable $50 charge. Please note that the sanctioning agreement must be received 30 days prior to the event in order to receive a certificate of insurance.

Will certificate of insurance be required?

Terms and Conditions

As the Event Director of record, I hereby accept the terms and conditions of the USFG Tour Sanctioning Agreement and agree to the following points listed below. I understand that failing to adhere to the terms and conditions means that the USFGT can deny or rescind sanctioning from my event at any time. Failure to follow the terms and conditions may also result in consequences under a USFGT Disciplinary Process.

By typing my full name in the following box I certify that this information is accurate and can be used for the purpose of processing my sanctioning agreement.

Thanks for submitting!

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