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By 2015 with players moving all over the country to compete it was only natural that they would want to see who was the best and who would be named the National Champion! It was time to develop another series of tournaments.

Having come off of the second year of the Pro-Am format competitive players started to see that there were certain United States players that were maybe a step above some of the other passionate players from around the country. With the help of one of our enthusiastic golf course management companies and a golf course equipment manufacturer the idea to host the first National Championship in Chicago was formed.


It was a blustery October day on the shores of Lake Michigan at Sidney Marovitz Golf Course 100 players from across the country traveled to play the first U.S. FootGolf National Championship. This first year crowned the best Men, Senior Men and Women players in the country but soon the team competition would start and the National Team competition would quickly become the most popular part of the U.S. FootGolf National Championship.

U.S. FootGolf National Championship

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