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Media Contact: Robert S. Greer, Tournament Director


Brazell’s Creek Golf Course at Jack Hill State Park

355 Golf Course Road. Reidsville, Georgia. 30453

Telephone 912-294-4373 l Email



U.S FootGolf National Championship 2021 coming to Reidsville, Georgia


(Reidsville, GA) - The major league of the sport of FootGolf (AFGL Tour) will hold the U.S. FootGolf National Championship on November 4th - 7th, 2021.


The U.S. FootGolf National Championship is the final of a series of tournaments played across the U.S. each year. The Championship to be held at Brazell's Creek Golf Course at Jack Hill State Park in Reidsville, the home course of the AFGL in the state of Georgia.

“The American FootGolf League has chosen Brazell's Creek Golf courses as the site of the U.S. FootGolf National Championship for the second consecutive year. I am grateful and proud to see what this course is doing for our sport. Hosting the U.S. championship in the city of Reidsville helps make Jack Hill State park a national and international sporting destination.” said Laura Balestrini, CEO of the American FootGolf League.


FootGolf, played on a traditional golf course involves the kicking of a soccer ball down the fairway of the course with the intention, similar to golf, of reaching the hole in as few “strokes” (kicks) as possible. In FootGolf, the hole is increased to 20-inches diameter to accommodate a regulation #5 soccer ball. The FootGolf cups are located on the fairways, in non landing areas for golf and away from golf greens. Players do not run, wear golf style uniforms and no soccer cleats are allowed on the course.


The U.S. FootGolf National Championship 2021 will feature four different categories for the National Champion title: 


Club, Men age 18-45, Seniors age over 46 and Women age 18 and over.


Players coming to the National Championship are some of the best footgolfers in the country, and many are world class players. Last year more than 100 players from many states participated in the finals: 


This time, more than 100 players are traveling again to Southeast Georgia. There have been more than 20 AFGL Tour tournaments across the country where players competed and prepared throughout the year to play for the U.S. national title.


About American FootGolf League

The AFGL is the Major League of the sport of FootGolf in the United States, and the only official league as sanctioned by the governing bodies American FootGolf Federation and the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG). 


With hundreds of FootGolf certified and accredited participating golf facilities, the AFGL and the AFGF are growing this new sport locally as well as promoting it nationally. The AFGL operates the U.S. Open of FootGolf, the U.S. FootGolf National Championship, the AFGL Tour and provides the platform to qualify players from the United States to the FIFG FootGolf World Cup. 


The AFGL is under the umbrella of United States FootGolf They also provide course design and the only official FootGolf equipment in the country. For more about the American FootGolf League, visit


About Federation for International FootGolf

The FIFG was recently granted Observer status by the Global Association of International SportsFederations (GAISF), formerly the SportsAccord, and recognized as an official sport. Observer status was introduced for members wanting to join the umbrella sporting body. They will be accompanied by GAISF in their development towards fulfillment of all criteria, assisting them in increasing their members in various countries across the globe and receiving the required recognitions by National Olympic Committees or by the highest national sports authorities. For more information about FIFG visit: or - For more information about GAISF visit: For more details on the U.S. FootGolf National Championship 2021, please visit: or contact Laura Balestrini at (760) 501-0100 ext.101

About Brazell’s Creek Golf Course

Brazell’s Creek is located at Jack Hill State Park, formerly named Gordonia-Alatamaha State Park. This southeast Georgia park is a favorite for picnicking, family reunions and golf. Picnic tables and shelters surround a small lake where visitors can rent aquacycles and fishing boats during warmer months. Docks are available for anglers, and children will enjoy looking for beaver dams from the observation deck. Ten rental cottages face the golf course, all with screened porches, fireplaces and televisions.


Park 912-557-7744

Golf Course 912-557-7745

Reservations 800-864-7275

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