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My name is Geno Adair.  I grew up playing soccer through high school in the gritty streets of Mercer Island, WA, and was a kicker and punter in college at Orange Coast College and the University of New Haven.  I even had a “cup of coffee” with the Detroit Lions. I also developed a love for golf in the last 10 years. 


In December of 2018, I went on a teambuilding event with my coworkers to play foot golf at Lake Forrest Golf and Practice Center.  I had heard of foot golf, but had never played before.  We played 9 holes and I shot 9 under par, including my first hole in one.  I found my calling….FOOT GOLF!  I can use my tools and skills from soccer, kicking and golfing.  I immediately went home and searched the internet for Foot Golf competitions and found the AFGL.  I signed up for the 4 tournaments in Southern California.  In April of 2019 I played in my first two tournaments.  I didn’t do as well as I wanted to, and quickly discovered how good the players in the AFGL are.  During the third tournament in May, I injured my leg and limped through the rest of the round.  I was unable to play in the fourth tournament the next day.  Discouraged?  Yes.  Determined?  Always.


I spent the next month rehabbing  and working out.  I did not heal in time for the US Open and I was bummed that I didn’t get to compete.  I continued training and was feeling stronger.  At the end of June, Jordan Godfrey posted on Facebook that he was playing a practice round on a Sunday afternoon.  I knew that he was getting ready for the Battle of The Border that was coming up the next week in Mexico.  I showed up and joined the group.  Little did I know that Mike “Cheetah” Gora was there as well and he was the captain for Team USA for that event in Mexico.  I played pretty well and about 10 holes in, Gora told me that he needed to fill in a senior spot for Battle of the Border and asked me if I could compete for Team USA.  It was short notice, but I got clearance from my wife and work to go.  Not only did I go, Gora threw me into a singles match. I went down 4 holes with 7 to play, mounted a comeback and won.  It was quite a thrill to be a part of the first Battle of the Border and to be on the winning side.


In August of 2019, I placed 3rd among the seniors in the National Championship at Winton Farms in Virginia and was the Captain’s pick to represent Team USA in the 2019 Jansen Cup in Wales. 

Before the pandemic struck the US,  I qualified to represent Team USA in the World Cup by placing 3rd at the 2020 Nevada Open.  I am looking forward to my first World Cup.

What a crazy journey it has been so far.  2019 was like sipping from a fire hose.  It has been an honor to represent Team USA and I am determined to get better and will continue to enjoy this wonderful game.

Thank you!


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