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If you love soccer and have wanted to play on a golf course, then FootGolf is your game. FootGolf combines the passion of soccer and the elegance of golf to bring players to the golf course only by kicking a soccer ball instead of swinging a club. Anyone who can kick a ball and walk can play FootGolf. The U.S. Amateur FootGolf Tour is a perfect way to learn the sport and grow your skills, all while having fun with your friends.  If there is one world that EVERYONE says after playing the sport it is FUN! You'll learn the sport and improve your game in friendly but competitive tournament or league setting. Join and Register for a league or tournament and learn your next passion! 



In 2020 we started to develop an amateur tour where local players can compete at a lesser standard of play. These players won't need to travel the country or internationally, as AFGL Tour players do, in order to receive a national ranking.


Tournaments will begin with leagues at local courses and will grow into city wide, statewide and regional competitions. Anyone who meets the criteria will be able to develop a stop on the tour. This is a great opportunity for a golf course, a city or a FootGolf enthusiast to have a yearly stop on the U.S. Tour.


  1. To introduce new players to the sport of FootGolf

  2. To give the opportunity for Clubs, Golf Courses, Sports Commissions, Players and Enthusiast the opportunity to host a Sanctioned FootGolf tournament under the rules and guidelines of the American FootGolf League. 



The following requirements must be met before an event can be sanctioned: 

  • Your golf course, FootGolf course or facility must be approved for sanctioning and a current AFGL course member. 

  • All event directors must be current AFGL or USFGT members and Certified Officials through the end of the event.

  • Any outstanding payments due for completed events must be paid in full before submitting a sanctioning agreement for a new event.


The U.S. Amateur FootGolf Tour Sanctioning Agreement covers all USFGT Tour Level events as well as USFGT League events for one year season only.



Event Levels

There will be several levels of USFGT-sanctioned events as the Tour develops and grows. Each Level has requirements and regulations based on the Tour standards. All Levels require that the coordinator or tournament director has passed the AFGF Certified Official Rules Exam and registered as a Certified Rules Official with the AFGF. For C-Level events, any player who is not a current USFGT member may participate by paying a per-event fee of $5 (unless playing in a Junior division in which case there is no such fee).  Players who are not current USFGT members may play in USFGT Leagues without any additional fee.

Event Descriptions


These are local events that can easily be run in one day, on one course, with a minimal amount of staff and volunteers, but they certainly do not have to be small and/or simple. There will be some  large C-Tier events each year that may bring in hundreds of players and provide very large prizes and payouts. 

  • Current USFGT membership NOT required to compete. Non-current members or non-members pay a $5 per-event fee when registering (except in Junior divisions).

  • Length: 1-2 days

  • Holes: minimum of 9 (18 preferred)

  • Prize Pool: Cash, Medals, Trophy or Gift Prizes

  • USFGT members receive an official rating from each league round attended.

  • USFGT members will receive USFGT points, which is the primary criterion for earning an invitation to AFGL select events.

USFGT Leagues

USFGT Leagues run once a week, on the same day of the week, for a duration of 6-10 weeks. USFGT members who compete receive USFGT Player Ratings/Rankings from each round just as they would at a typical USFGT event, and accrue USFGT points depending on their place in the field each week.

  • Current USFGT membership NOT required to compete.

  • Leagues run once a week on the same day for a duration of 6-10 weeks.

  • USFGT members receive an official rating from each league round attended.

  • USFGT members will receive USFGT points, which is the primary criterion for earning an invitation to AFGL select events.

Future Levels


B-Level events are considered state-level, often taking place over an entire weekend with the Tournament Director(s) providing a minimum payout to the professional and amateur divisions alike.

  • Current AFGL/USFGT membership required to compete.

  • Length: 1-3 days

  • Holes: minimum of 36

  • Other criteria will be added when Level is open for application. It is Estimated that B-Level tournaments will begin in some regions in 2023.


A-Level events are regional events with strict requirements for the overall purse and payouts. These events typically bring in some of the best competitors in the sport, lasting between 2-3 days with a minimum of 54 holes to be completed.

Each fall, after the full AFGL Tour schedule is known for the following year, the A-Tiers are then scheduled by the AFGL Office for the entire following year. In late September, an online A-Tier Request Form is made available through both a story posted, as well as an email sent to the TDs in the past two years. The form is typically available for two weeks and TDs must provide at least three possible dates for their events in order for a conflict-free schedule to be produced.

Note that In order to even be considered for A-Tier status, an event must have been run for at least several years as a successful B-Tier event that both met all Tour Standards and was also absent of player complaints. In addition, the Tournament Director must have an established track record of running quality events at the B-Level. Because of their greater mileage restrictions, only a limited number of events can be A-Tiers. Therefore, not all requests for A-Tier status will be approved. Once the A-Tier schedule has been set, it is released. Current AFGL/USFGT membership required to compete.

  • Length: 2-3 days

  • Holes: minimum of 54

  • Other criteria will be added when Level is open for application. It is Estimated that the A-Level tournament will begin next year.

U.S. FootGolf Pro Tour (Elite Series)

The U.S.FootGolf Pro Tour is an event series for the Open and Open Women's divisions. The U.S. FootGolf Pro Tour events showcase the sport, its leading events, and its top players, with the goal of increasing sponsorship and media coverage.

  • Current AFGL/USFGT membership required to compete.

  • Current status of Certified Rules Official required through the dates of the event to register and compete.

  • Length: 2-4 days

  • Holes: minimum of 54

  • Minimum of $10,000 (across both divisions)

Amateur Divisions

Advanced - the top amateur division, available to all amateur players. Tournament experienced players who have played FootGolf for several years, developed consistency and regularly finished in the top 10% of the field during competitions.


Intermediate - available to amateur players of all ages. Developing players who have played 1-2  years with improved consistency and accuracy. 

Recreational - available to amateur players of all ages who have played 1 year or more and are gaining consistency and experience. 

Novice – For beginning and casual players who are learning basic FootGolf skills. 


Juniors – divided into four groups based on age and gender. 

*Depending on the field size of the tournament some categories may need to be combined but players will receive the appropriate points in their registered division. 

**Tournament may have a Pro Division if played outside a regular AFGL Tour tournament.  A point structure for these events will be given on request of the organizer. An AFGL tournament can also have a sub-tournament for the USFGT if the AFGL decides there is in the interest of the community to create an amateur tournament. Schedule and field size of the AFGL Tour  tournament will be a determining factor to adding in an Amateur division. For AFGL Tour players can play locally in the Advanced Division.


Type of Tournament

USFGT sanctioned events can have a variety of competition formats ranging from singles to match play to team play and doubles. Other formats may be sanctioned by submitting to the AFGF. Next year all tournaments will either be C-Level or League Play, it is your choice of how big of an event you plan to host. The level for pros typically depends on the amount of cash to be added to the prize pool. Following years high level events can be upgraded from successful lower level events hosted the previous year.

For detailed descriptions of the different types/levels  of USFGT events, please see the Tour Event Levels.


USFGT Sanctioned Events Fee Chart


Event Tier   Sanctioning Fee   Per Player Fee

C-Level              $25                    $2

League             $25                     $1



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