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AFGL Sanctioned Courses

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Let's protect the integrity of our sport. The FIFG World Tour is played on FootGolf Courses Sanctioned by the American FootGolf League only.

The official diameter of the FootGolf cup IS NOT 21 inches nor is an angled lip allowed for competitive play!!!

FootGolf is a great way to bring additional revenue to your golf course with a new activity that requires little additional maintenance. Buy FootGolf Cups and Official FootGolf Equipment, join the AFGL and start gaining the benefits by adding this new sport to your course.

FIFG Rulebook 2018 - Rule 3-2-10 Hole - FootGolf Cups and Equipment >>>

The hole will be 50-52 centimeters in diameter and at least 28 centimeters in depth. Any hole that does not match these variables, unless for cases where it is regulated otherwise by the FIFG Rules Committee, will be considered invalid.

American FootGolf League is the founder of the sport of FootGolf in the United States.

The AFGL brought FootGolf to America! We have the knowledge, the equipment, and the system to make your course a success. As the governing body for the sport of FootGolf in the U.S., the AFGL has the exclusive right to sanction your facility as an official FootGolf course under the rules and guidelines of the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG.ORG). Our knowledge has proven success at over 500 courses in all 50 states, Virgin Islands, District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico!

Information for Golf Course Operators

Team up with us and become an official course! The American FootGolf League / American FootGolf Federation, are the original and only official FootGolf organizations in the United States. We have set the standards for the sport of FootGolf. The AFGL is proud of the growth and structure that has been established by every course using the same equipment and playing under the guidelines of the Federation for International FootGolf. We make sure that all our courses meet the standards and requirements for international play. We welcome you to become an AFGL Accredited FootGolf Course!

Visit the Golf Course Operators Page for more information >>>



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