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The Nationals 2022

Watch the highlights of the AFGL Tour Individual Categories on the FootGolf Channel NOW!


The U.S FootGolf National Championship "The Nationals" 2022 granted points for AFGL Tour, FIFG North American Tour and FIFG World Tour. This AFGL Tour event required players to have their FIFG Member Country and FIFG World Tour license in order to participate. Individual Rounds where played in the mornings and FootGolf Club Rounds in the afternoons each day on the two courses: The Peach Course and the Sunshine Course.

The Peach Course

The overview of this technical course will challenge the best of the Tour Players. They needed to think ball placement on every shot. With balls rolling across golf greens to the pin placement at the back of some of the golf greens really tested player’s ability to gage ball speed on an approach shot. If a player's putt was too long on some holes it had them chipping over a curb to get back to the hole in order to save par.

The Sunshine Course

Mother Nature herself was a force to be reckoned with on this course! A wide open landscape allowed for wind to come bellowing down the fields. This course played fast on the grass due to the wind always seeming to be blowing and drying this course out. With many undulating fairways and the weather factors, players needed to take full advantage of every tool in their game."

CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT NOW! We hope you enjoy the action. The highlights of the FootGolf Club First Division of the AFGL Tour 2022 are coming after the 4th FIFG FootGolf World Cup.

See you in Orlando!

AFGL Tour 2022

American FootGolf League


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