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The Pacific Trophy 3 • Intercontinental

Canada, Chile, Honduras, Japan, Mexico, and the USA Clash in Las Vegas: In a Celebration of FootGolf Unity, 6 FIFG member countries from the Pacific Ocean are set to play in January.



PART l • The Pacific Trophy is a symbol of international friendship and fun in FootGolf.

Eight years ago, the Japan FootGolf Association (JFGA) and the American FootGolf League (AFGL) joined forces in a landmark collaboration to create a new era of international FootGolf competitions, built on a foundation of fun, friendship, and mutual respect.

This historic partnership began when JFGA President Shinpei Matsuura and Tadamasa Shimishu visited the Balestrini household and AFGL headquarters in Palm Springs, California, where they shared visions and ideas for the growth and consolidation of FootGolf in their respective countries. United by their passion for the game, they conceptualized a premier intercontinental event that would celebrate and promote the joy of FootGolf while upholding four core principles: fun, respect, exclusivity to FIFG member countries on the Pacific Ocean, and strict adherence to the rules and dress code established by the world's governing body, the Federation for International FootGolf.

The Pacific Trophy was born from this pioneering spirit, and its inaugural edition was a resounding success. On November 7th, 2016, the Japanese National Team faced off against top players from the American FootGolf League at the prestigious Desert Willow Golf Resort, the home course of the AFGL located in Palm Desert, California.

United States won, but the real winner was an event that showcased the sport's global reach and its potential for unity and friendly competition among nations. For these nations the Pacific Trophy has become a symbol of international unity and friendship in the FootGolf community, and its legacy continues to inspire new generations of players on both sides of the majestic Pacific Ocean. Click here to read more about the Pacific Trophy 1 in the West Coast.


PART II • The bromance between Japan and USA FootGolf organizations consolidated with the FootGolf Face-Off: A celebration of diversity in sport with golf and football-soccer legends.

Prior to the first LPGA event of the year in 2016, a promotional event like no other took place - the FootGolf Face-Off. This fun celebration of diversity in sports brought together the Japan and USA FootGolf organizations in a unique and exciting way. The following article from the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) official website recaps the event, which was held in the Coachella Valley in April 2016. 2016.


Push for Footgolf’s Growth and Olympic Consideration Highlighted at 2016 ANA Inspiration

RANCHO MIRAGE, CALIFORNIA, March 30, 2016 – U.S. Soccer legends Abby Wambach and Julie Foudy led a spirited American charge in the inaugural ANA Footgolf Face-off, only to fall short in a six-hole, match-play exhibition.

2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup MVP Ayumi Kaihori led Team Japan to victory over arch rivals during an afternoon full of playful banter and memories of the 2011 and 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cups, won by Japan and the U.S. respectively.

With more than 1,000 fans surrounding the match – many of them wearing soccer jerseys – Wambach and Foudy once again donned the Red, White and Blue while teaming up with U.S.  Solheim Cup stars Paula Creamer and Jessica Korda for the one off exhibition.

Following the match, Wambach addressed her love for golf. "I had so much fun meeting my teammates. I’m a huge golfer and I watched a lot of golf with my father growing up. I’m just excited that golf is in the Olympics. That’s so amazing. The next step is Footgolf, but right now we can focus on golf.”

Wambach continued, “Footgolf really was fun. It was really special. It made me want to become a golfer and play on the LPGA. I can’t thank ANA enough for sponsoring this event.”

Creamer, a 12-time LPGA winner, enjoyed her first experience with Footgolf.

“Anytime you can do something differently in the game of golf is fun,” Creamer said.  “I think we’ll probably be out there (playing Footgolf) a little bit more now.”


PART lll • The Pacific Trophy postponed by the 2018 World Cup and then the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The PFGT was initially planned as a biannual event, but the board and member countries prioritized supporting the FIFG World Cup 2018. However, the pandemic brought a halt not only to the World Cup 2020, scheduled to take place in Japan, but also to most sports worldwide.

The sudden stop meant no fans in stadiums, no games, and no tournaments, dealing a significant financial and emotional blow to the sports industry. Nevertheless, the pandemic forced sports to adapt and innovate, introducing virtual events and new formats that literally changed the game. However, golf courses, which are also used for FootGolf, became busy with their primary activity, putting other activities on hold for a couple of years. As a result, the Pacific Trophy 2 was rescheduled for 2022.


PART lll • "The FootGolf Face-Off" at "The Happiest Place on TURF": The Pacific Trophy 2 on the Palm's Course at Walt Disney World® Golf Resort. May 26th, 2022.

As the wise words of Helen Keller remind us, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." This spirit of unity and collaboration was palpable as Japan and the United States came together once again, this time on the East Coast. The electric excitement of players from both organizations was a testament to the power of friendship and sportsmanship, as American and Japanese flags and colors blended together in a vibrant display of unity.

With Japan's win, the real celebration was about the connections we made and the memories we created. We were reminded that competition is not just about winning or losing, but about the bonds we form and the memories we make. As the FIFG grows FootGolf worldwide, we're inspired by the power of our shared passion to bring people together and create a global community.


PART lV • Yes!! The Best Game Ever Invented in Las Vegas again, Baby! -

Six Nations, One Dream: Bridging Continents in Las Vegas for the 2025 Pacific Trophy of FootGolf at Chimera Golf Club, the home course of the AFGL Tour in Nevada.

In the California Desert, Japanese and American officials discussed the creation of an intercontinental competition that would unite countries from around the Pacific Ocean, not just Japan and the United States. Their vision was built on fairness, with clear guidelines established by the organizers based on FIFG rules. They understood that growth would take time, but with long-term goals in mind, they were willing to be patient.

The time has come for the next step: the Pacific Trophy 3 will welcome four guest nations from North, Central, and South America - Canada, Mexico, Honduras, and Chile - in addition to the original countries, Japan and the United States.

The competition will take place from Wednesday, January 29th to Friday, January 31st, followed by the first round of the Las Vegas Open 2025, a FIFG World Tour-250 competition open to all players affiliated with FIFG Member Countries.

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- Register Now for Las Vegas Open 2025! (registration opening late July) - Open to affiliated players at LASVEGASOPEN.ORG

- Pacific Trophy Registration - Opens late July and is reserved to players from the teams of Canada, Chile, Honduras, Mexico, and the United States at PACIFICTROPHY.COM

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