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Battle of the Border: USA vs Mexico

Watch it NOW on FootGolf Channel! • Youtube Version

The international FootGolf competition between the national teams of the United States and Mexico, two member countries of the FIFG North American Region, was held earlier this year at the Chimera Golf Club on a certified AFGL course in Henderson, Great Las Vegas, Nevada.


1 Hour, 22 minutes of FootGolf


FootGolf Channel, in collaboration with AFGL TV, is bringing you this compilation of 18 holes played by footgolfers in four categories identified by gender or age: Men (18-45), Senior Men (46+), Senior Men Plus (56+), and Women (18+).

The AFGL would like to make a special mention of Dr. Justin Garden from the Nevada Chapter of the American FootGolf Federation for his hard work behind the scenes, as well as the management and golf course maintenance crew who made this event possible.

CTV Sports and AFGL TV also wish to thank Justin, Robbie Cohmanschi, Sean McNamara, Jon Aron, Jo Reid, Bart Wojtyla, and Fernando Name, who graciously gave us their feedback and shared their players' perspectives during the editing of this video.

For more information about the event, visit


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