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Updated: Jul 1

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• The AFGL Tour will continue with its new annual calendar between July and June, allowing us to fully utilize our vast country regardless of the weather. Ending the season in summer enables us to identify and organize a broader range of states, rather than being limited to warmer cities and rushing to finish before holidays.

• The FIFG World Tour: Addressing Regional Disparities and Strengthening Global Competition.

 The FIFG Region 1 North America, comprising Canada, Honduras, Mexico, and the United States, acknowledges the challenges faced by our region in the largest and strongest FootGolf tour worldwide.

Our players are aware of our collective efforts to overcome these obstacles and ensure a more inclusive and competitive experience for all. We appreciate the understanding and support of the FIFG President and Competitions Committee, who have granted us flexibility to restructure and adjust our points and calendars. This will provide players in Regions 1, 2, 4, and 5 with a more equitable opportunity to compete with their European counterparts in Region 3. Designing a comprehensive World Tour is complex, considering factors like country numbers, population, distances, travel and hospitality costs, diversity, local sports budgets, national sports structures, varying geography, weather, economies, golf course availability, and more.

Historically, these challenges have given European players an advantage in competition opportunities. However, we share a common goal with our European counterparts: fair and competitive tournaments.

We are committed to persistent improvement, making every effort count towards establishing a robust, worldwide FIFG World Tour for all categories, including a professional category. The FIFG recognizes that elevating the tour to a professional level requires more than just accepting player registration fees and providing perks or monetary incentives. It demands a comprehensive approach, encompassing structured tournaments, player development, and professional standards. While this may take time, we believe the FIFG is on a trajectory of continuous improvement, learning from experience and taking necessary steps towards building a professional tour that benefits all players worldwide.

• The U.S. Amateur Tour is set to achieve consistency.

"Live and Learn"! After a decade of experiencing failures and successes while exploring different approaches to expand the game, we are convinced that this tour represents the future and foundation for organic growth in the sport. Your support is essential for us to introduce FootGolf to kids and new players. The USFGT was created and designed by Laura in collaboration with our friend Brian Graham, former Executive Director of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), just before the pandemic. Brian played a crucial role in the PDGA's exponential growth from 2007 to 2016. He also assisted the AFGL in designing the U.S. Amateur Tour and School Program for two years before rejoining the PDGA as Global Director of Membership & Growth, overseeing membership, fulfillment, growth, diversity, education, and international programs. His experience and Laura's determination to bring the sport to kids and new players made it possible to create the structure. We would like to ask for your involvement at the local level, if possible.

• The FIFG Regional Tour North America is a collective effort by the leadership of our countries to provide our players with more and higher-quality tournaments. Through constant communication and coordination, we aim to ensure that these events benefit our players and provide fair compensation to organizers for their time, investment, and efforts. In newly established sports or leagues, it's common for tournaments to not make sense for all parties involved. However, we are committed to making our tournaments mutually beneficial and sustainable for everyone involved.

Get Ready!

• The U.S. Open 2025. October 9th-12th at Crystal Springs Resort, New Jersey. The Cascades course is getting a fresh new look, with tweaked holes and exciting challenges!

• The Nationals 2025. A new format, two separate competitions! Individual Categories battle for the American Crown on May 15th-18th at Reunion Resort, Florida. The U.S. Club Championship takes over Brazell's Creek Golf Course in Georgia in late June (exact dates TBA). NOTE: The Copa America in Cancun is on the works and it may take place in Cancun, MX back to back with The nationals FIFG-500. Stay tuned.

• The American Cup. An exclusive showdown for the 2025 U.S. National Champions in Individual Categories. The ultimate FootGolf skill test, regardless of gender or age, happening right after the final round of the U.S. Club Championship.

• The FootGolf Desert Storm. We're heading to Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort and The Lights of Indio for a 2-year stint! This year's FIFG-500 event takes place November 15th-17th, during Palm Springs' prime season, with perfect weather and stunning courses.

• The Las Vegas Open 2025. January 29th to February 2nd, we're back with another international spectacle! The Pacific Trophy joins the lineup, featuring 6 Pacific Nations. Stay tuned for more updates!

• AFGL Tournaments & Events. Our smaller events are packed with national and regional points, helping players qualify for Team USA. U.S. Amateur Tour competitions might pop up before, during, or after these events. Get ready for a FootGolf frenzy! If you are interested in organizing a local competition or club league, we can help! Reach out to us to learn more. | 1-760-501-0100 


U.S. National FootGolf Team | Team USA

Since the first FootGolf World Cup in 2012 when the FIFG was founded, the United States has participated in all world cups of tour sport. Also USA FootGolf co-founded the Jansen Cup, Pacific Trophy and Battle of the Border as shown above.

But, starting with this season, some of them look to be upgrading and taken to the next level:

The 5th FIFG FootGolf World Cup. The FIFG World Cup Committee is already working on it and sent a survey to all member countries as the first step organizing the next global event.

The Jansen Cup. The roster of Team USA is getting confirmed for the lV Edition in Scotland. The Opening Party in on the 18th of August and the rounds will be the19th-20th-21st. This will be the last time American players will qualify to represent Team USA in the Jansen Cup Series.

And the amazing reason is that the Jansen Cup will be elevated to the next level and the participants will be multi-national teams:

Team Great Britain | England, Scotland and Wales

Team North America | Canada, Mexico and United States

So for the V Edition U.S. players will join the top ranked players of Mexico and Canada as Team North America!

The format will be the same (similar but not identical to the Ryder Cup in golf), it will continue with no FIFG points. The JC Series will be organized and managed by a board formed by executives of the 6 participant countries. "Back to Back" | The Jansen Cup V has been proposed to take place in the "FootGolf Paradise" of Cancun, Mexico., right after The Nationals 2026 in Kissimmee, FL (+/- 2.5 hours flight between destinations).

• The Battle of the Border. The 4th BOB will be played on the SPECTACULAR Cabo San Lucas Country Club in September 2025. This event has no FIFG Point and it is organized and managed by the Federations of Mexico and USA.

• The Pacific Trophy. The traditional competition between the United States and Japan continues the week of Las Vegas Open 2025 but, with a twist! GREAT NEWS! As envisioned by the leadership of USA FootGolf and Japan FootGolf, after the first few editions, the international FootGolf competition will start adding more FIFG Member Countries along the Pacific Ocean. We can confirm that Canada, Chile, Honduras and Mexico will join Japan and United States on the amazing championship course of Chimera Golf Club in Henderson, Greater Las Vegas, Nevada.


About Team USA • 2024-2026

We extend our sincere congratulations to every player who qualifies for the Jansen Cup IV Edition this year. We also express our deepest gratitude to those who have made immense efforts to travel to Europe representing the United States this August.  In recognition of their dedication, the American FootGolf Federation is pleased to announce the following:

1. The BASE of Team USA for the Pacific Trophy 2025, Copa America 2025, and Battle of the Border 2025 will comprise players from the Jansen Cup IV roster in Scotland (August 2024), combined with Captain Picks from The Desert Storm 2024, Las Vegas 2025, The Nationals 2025, and the AFGL Ranking at the time of making the call.

2. The Captains of Team USA are Jo Reid from Alaska, Darrin Karuzas from Florida, and Bart Wojtyla from California. These exceptional players will lead Team USA for 2 years, representing the United States in the Pacific Trophy 2025, Battle of the Border 2025-2026, Jansen Cup 2024-2026, and the 5th FIFG FootGolf World Cup if before July 2026.

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